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Omega-3: Krill oil vs Fish Oil vs Cod Liver Oil vs Flaxseed Oil

In this post,  we will discuss about the difference between the four very popular source of omega-3 in Malaysia and discuss briefly on how to choose the best omega-3 for you. Amongst the four, krill oil is definitely the new kid on the block. Gaining lots of popularity in recent years. Fish oil is probably…

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7 supplements you might want to get if you are diabetic

Here’s a fun fact for you. Did you know that 16.9% of Malaysian population are actually diabetics?  16.9% !! Which means out of every 6 people, there is a diabetic person. What is Diabetes anyway? Why are people so afraid of this disease? Diabetes, or more accurately, type II diabetes is a widespread disorder affecting the…

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5 supplements in Malaysia you can use to help lower cholesterol levels

Cholesterol ! All of us would have heard of this word. In fact, about 35% of Malaysians actually suffer from high cholesterol! In this post, we will be looking into some of the supplements we can get here in Malaysia to help reduce the cholesterol levels. What is cholesterol anyway? Everyone talks about cholesterol, but do…

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Alkaline diet 101: The key to maintaining good health in modern days

Here’s a number that you must remember if you truly want to be healthy – 7.365. It’s the optimal pH value for your body to perform at its best. so let’s start with pH 101: An acid is a substance that donates hydrogen ions (H+). When a substance is highly acidic, it is more likely to donate H+…

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Everything you need to know about gout and uric acid here in Malaysia

Cheok was getting ready to work this morning. As he was putting on his socks, he noticed that there was a small lump forming around his big toe, but there was no pain and he was feeling okay. Later that evening, just when he was about to go to bed, suddenly he felt a strange…

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